Stebbins Precision is owned and operated by a master toolmaker with extensive knowledge and background in firearms and the manufacturing process. From custom machine work on firearms and components to cleaning and transfers, Stebbins Precision has you covered on your gunsmithing and firearm needs.

Bench work

All work performed by Stebbins Precision that does not require machining of parts or raw material. All work is charged in half hour increments with $30.00 minimum.

Engineering and Design

All work performed by Stebbins Precision that requires the design of parts or tooling. All work is charged in half hour increments with a 1 hour minimum.

Machine work

All work performed by Stebbins Precision that does require machining of parts and raw materials. All work is charged in half hour increments with 1 hour minimum.

Basic Scope Mount

Mount base, rings, and scope using correct torque specs and mounting technique. Firearm is bore sighted after. Price does not include lapping rings, scope, or components.

Deluxe scope mount

Mount base, rings, and scope using correct torque specs and mounting techniques. Rings are then lapped to ensure positive seating and alignment of scope. Firearm is bore sighted after. Price does not include scope or components.

Deluxe Scope mount with sight-in

Firearm will be sighted in off the bench at any yard requested between 25 and 100 yards. Price includes (1) Deluxe scope mounting. Price does not include scope, components, or ammunition. (Cannot sight in with customer supplied hand loaded ammunition)

Install swivel studs

Installation of swivel studs onto a firearm. Includes installation of both studs into wood or 1 buttstock stud and one barrel clamp stud. Does not include price of swivel studs.

Install swivel studs w/ machine work

Any form of installation of swivel studs requiring machine work. Does not include price of swivel studs or raw material.

Trigger job/work

Trigger is adjusted for better “feel” and lighter release. Trigger will be lapped, machined, or ground to achieve this. Trigger jobs are priced according to complexity of each trigger type and work required.

Barrel crowning

Barrel will be cut to length and muzzle will be crowned to customer specs. Price does not include barrel removal or installation.

Barrel threading

Muzzle end of barrel will be cut and threaded to customer specs. Price includes cut to length and crowning. Price does not include barrel removal or installation. (some rimfire firearms do not need to have barrel removed for machine work)

Barrel to Action pre-threaded and chambered

Barrel is inspected for correct thread and chamber. Barrel is installed into action and correct headspace is set. Old barrel removal is included. Example would be savage barrel swap. Price does not include any machine work.

Custom headspace gauges for barrel swap

Stebbins Precision will machine custom headspace gauges for barrel swapping. These gauges are machined to fit current headspace and aid in re-establishing your headspace after barrel swaps. These gauges are custom to your barrel and headspace only.

Barrel to Action

Barrel blank is machined to fit desired bolt and action and chambered to correct headspace. Barrel is cut to length, crowned, and chambered to customer specs. Price is for machine work to be completed on barrel only. Action must be supplied at time of work for proper fitment of barrel to action. Price does not include barrel blank, contouring barrel, drill and tap barrel for sights, removal of old barrel, or reamer cost.

Blueprint Action

Action and bolt are inspected for concentricity and squareness and machined to correct any deviation. This process ensures the highest level of accuracy. Additional charges for new bolt or replacement parts are not included and will be quoted at time of drop off. Price is for blueprinting one action and one bolt only.

Old Barrel Removal and installation

Removal and installation of old barrel for work to be performed on action or barrel. Price is quoted per job and subject to change depending on difficulty to remove old barrel.

Stuck Case Removal (reloading die)

Removal of stuck case in reloading die. Die will be inspected for cause and cleaned after. Additional charges may apply if case has been damaged from attempted removal.

Transfer of firearm

All online purchases of firearms are required to be transferred through an FFL. Transfers are $35.00 each or reduced to $30.00 each if 3 or more transfers are done at the same time. Firearms purchased through Stebbins Precision are not subject to transfer fees. Transfers being sent out will be charged shipping cost and a $30.00 outgoing fee per firearm.

Field Cleaning

Firearm is wiped down externally, bore is cleaned, and function test performed. No further disassembly of firearm for cleaning is included.

Full Cleaning - Priced Per Firearm Type

Firearm is disassembled and fully cleaned. Firearm is assembled and lubricated for proper functioning and operation. Function test is performed. Shotgun cleaning includes any removable chokes (up to 5) to be cleaned and lubricated at time of cleaning. Additional charges may apply for removing stuck chokes from shotguns. Stebbins Precision is not responsible for damage to chokes due to a stuck choke. Some firearms are subject to higher cost of cleaning due to complexity and or delicate procedures required. Cleaning does not include any cost to repair or replace non-functional parts.

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Stebbins Precision is an FFL Gunsmith specializing in custom and high precision machine work for firearms and shooting equipment. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have, reach out today!