Stebbins Precision

Stebbins Precision is an FFL Gunsmith located in New Milford, CT specializing in custom and high precision machine work for firearms and shooting equipment.

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From simple tasks such as cleaning your well overdo 22 plinkster or building your next precision benchrest rifle, Stebbins Precision is dedicated to helping sportsman and shooters get on target faster, hit their mark better, and enjoy the sport safer.

Stebbins Precision

About Us

Owner Richard Stebbins is a master Tool and Die maker with over 43,000 hours of experience with backgrounds in super precision, aerospace, defense, and medical manufacturing. Growing up in a home with a machine shop and a father who was a FFL and avid collector, he was destined to love firearms and the manufacturing trade. His grandfather, John Roger, former owner of Jolly Roger Firearms, also played a large role in his love and knowledge of firearms and the shooting sports.

Attending Henry Abbott Tech he was captain of the rifle team and graduated top of his trade in 2004. Richard would help his grandfather by replicating obsolete firearm parts and restoring cherished heirlooms. He also builds and tunes his own benchrest rifles, including cutting his own chamber reamers and reloading dies creating his benchrest cartridge, the 30SBC. Richard loves to build, machine, and customize all his firearms. Whether it’s one of his benchrest rifles or a new set of canted trigger shoes for one of his clay’s guns, he has always been devoted to working on firearms and the shooting sports.

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Can I use you to transfer my firearms, even if I didn’t buy them from you?
Yes! We can handle all legal firearm transfers. You will need a valid CT firearm permit and CT driver’s license. We have competitive transfer fees and offer flexible hours to help accommodate busy lives and work schedules.
I want to re-barrel my Winchester 94, can you remove the barrel and put a new one on?
Absolutely! We can easily change the barrels out for you, check headspace, and perform a function test. If you don’t have a replacement barrel, we can order that for you as well.
I haven’t cleaned my old .22 rimfire in a long time now it jams and won’t cycle anymore, can you help me?
Yes! Don’t ever be embarrassed by a dirty gun. Although we always suggest a simple wipe down and sending a patch or 2 down the bore after shooting, sometimes you don’t have the time or supplies to do so. Whether it’s an old 22 plinkster with thousands of rounds down range or a well overdo shotgun that won’t pattern from wadding buildup, Stebbins Precision is here to help get you shooting again.
I tried taking apart my gun and now have a bag full of random pieces that I don’t know what to do with. Can you put it back together for me?
Yes, who doesn’t love a good puzzle! As long as all the parts are in the bag you will only be charged my bench labor hourly rate. If there are any missing parts, we can order and install them as well. After we will perform a function test to make sure your firearm is safe and ready to shoot.
I have an older rifle that no longer has parts being made or sold for. I want to restore it. Can you help and how much will it cost?
Yes, to an extent. Some parts are made using certain manufacturing processes we cannot replicate, such as stamping or casting. If the part is a machinable piece, we can certainly help replicate it for you. Cost varies depending on complexity, materials, and machine time required. All custom and replicated parts have a raw material cost and will be charged an hourly machine labor rate.
I am looking to have a few parts machined. I know what I need, but I don’t really have a print and I don’t really know where to start. Is this something you could you help with?
Absolutely! Stebbins Precision can help you design and test any parts or ideas you may have. Owner and Master Toolmaker Richard Stebbins has experience in Aerospace, Super Precision, and Medical manufacturing. Whatever concept you want brought to reality; Stebbins Precision can help, give us a call today!

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Stebbins Precision is an FFL Gunsmith specializing in custom and high precision machine work for firearms and shooting equipment. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have, reach out today!