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The Brand Story

Skills coupled with motivation and experience is a potent combination for business. This is an elite group of individuals who have formed together to create a business focused on bettering our community and adding jobs to an economy that is poised for boom in manufacturing. We have the talent and the skills required to take on the responsibility of creating a great business. Proven work ethic and trust has brought success to the founders in many areas of life. You should expect nothing less from Stebbins Precision.



The Team (Rich Stebbins & Robin Middlebrook)

The experience that our team brings to the table is close to 30 years in manufacturing. However, the diversity of experience is impressive from master toolmaker, to a former CFO and hedge fund manager; which will create a strong business and bring the best practices from several different industries together.


The Mission

Manufacture quality high precision parts, in a timely fashion, building client relationships through trust and reliability. Create jobs and an atmosphere that will inspire generations to come. To create jobs, and well made products in the United States, bringing manufacturing back to the USA. Our vision is to create a legacy for our children and our children’s children by creating a strong fundamentally solid business with deep roots in our community.



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